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Bored & hungry

Here I am, 12 32 AM.
Kind of bored, finished my book I got last week (Aleph by Paolo Coelho), read the magazines I got today. Now what?
Kind of hungry but I am going to try to sleep instead of eat. I ate plenty today. An apple, a tomato and some water - the stripper diet.
LOL. No, not really, I am jooooooking, HELLO!!!
Today me and Chhaya went for a long walk, saw one rabbit, it had a white fur. It was kind of windy and the snow was hard and crispy.
Chhaya was digging holes, trying to locate a mouse, she is obsessed.
I am so totally in love with Chhaya, she is amazing. If you have/had a dog, you know what I mean.
She is sleeping next to me now, kicking her legs and growling, dreaming.
And here is another pic (from last Saturday night) of my boyfriend at work, Booger. The cutest, I just want to chew on him and squeeze him.
Ok, maybe I should take out my contacts and go to sleep? Or eat? Hmmmmmmm............


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J on :

I enjoy reading your blogs, particularly when they address your concerns about issues.

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