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Not for pot

Tatiana had to get up early today to arrange a tow for her car. Then she did some other errands, like stocked up on some magazines for reading
later today. A trip to the insurance company, the tow will get reimbursed, yeay!
Really Tatiana wants to sleep but the sun is shining and Chhaya needs a walk before it gets dark. Sleep later. Kind of exhausted.
So, while counting her money today Tatiana noticed something written on one of the bills.
Btw, Tatiana doesn't blink an eyelash in anyones direction at work unless she gets at least one Ben Franklin showed in her hand.
Why even bother? LOL.
Speaking of pot.......Tatiana needs to sit down and formulate a blog about drugs, what she thinks about them and bla bla bla........
She has been thinking about this blog but since it might get fairly extensive, it has not been written........yet.


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