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What would Pippi do?

I worked the weekend. Work was fine. People are nice. I also enjoy my co workers and that too is nice. Many shared laughs.
And I can cuddle with the cute puppies and take a nap on the couch rolled up in my soft blankie.
The other night my car decided to stop working, my little Jade. Not sure what's wrong but Jade is getting towed tomorrow and will get fixed.
It's life, you get curve balls sometimes.
What I don't like is when somebody that you consider to be your friend treats you badly.
That is not life throwing you a curve ball, that is something else.
Today I got accused of "flaking out my wet pussy for everyone to see" on my blog.
Really? Oh, and the picture that is showing my flaked out wet pussy can be find in this entry.
muddy butt
The last pic called "Tatiana's muddy butt". Judge for yourself.
To me, it's a fun pic of my muddy butt. Yes, I am wearing panties and they are wet from the mud and water since the pic was taken while I was enjoying some hot springs. To me, I am not trying to show off my pussy in any way at all.
In that pic or in the blog.
If all you can focus on while looking at that pic is whatever is covered by my panties, then you should ask yourself why.
So women modeling underwear in a JC Penney catalog or a Victoria's Secret catalog are also showing off their pussies and boobs?
How about when you wear a bikini at the beach? Then too?
I love my blog and I really enjoy writing it. The people that think I am doing something morally wrong when I put up pics of my muddy butt, my butt in some panties, my body in a bikini or lingerie, the pics that are the results from various photo shoots I do, or my self portraits, to those people - don't read my blog. Take your high morals somewhere else! Thanks.
Simple! If that offends you, then go to church and pray for yourself and human kind, watch football or do something else with your life.
I do not need to hear that I am a bad person because I happen to have a blog that people read (and seem to like), that there are some pics in my blog that some individuals apparently find totally morally degrading and that I am a "whore" because I take my clothes off for a living.
First of all, I've never pretended do be something that I'm not, yes I am a stripper/exotic dancer or whatever you want to call it. Goddess maybe?
But I am not a prostitute. I've never had sex for money with anyone. If anything, I am the kind of dancer that behaves rather well at work.
I do not need to lie about that. And yes, in case you wonder, my Mom knows what I do. I am not ashamed, why should I be?
I can honestly say that I have never done anything that I am not comfortable with AT WORK and I never bend the rules, even when more money
been offered. I don't care that much about the money. My mental well being and who I am is more important to me. Integrity. Mine, not yours.
I go to sleep at night with a clean conscience, without the help of any substances, legal or illegal. My mind is calm. I want to keep it that way.
As far as prostitution goes. If somebody is a prostitute by their own free will, old enough to know what she or he is doing, works without a pimp and has no personal problems with being a prostitute, then FINE. I am not judging. Though some claim that prostitution is not a victimless profession Me? I don't know.
What I don't like are the girls that pretend that they "don't do that" but really, they do. And they are everywhere, not only in the stripclubs.
Fakes. I don't like fakes. I also don't like when girls break the rules at my place of work because that is damaging in so many ways.
If you want to sleep with somebody for money, give a handjob or whatever it might be, then get a room and do it on your own time.
I do not want to see that.
And if I was going to be a prostitute I sure would pick a more lucrative place to be one, like New York City or LA. Obviously.
As far as the pics in my blog........well...............
I do not have hang ups with nudity. DUH! I was running around topless at the beaches in Sweden since childhood, nothing sexual about that.
That is what people do there - if they want. I've been to nude beaches and clothing optional hot springs. Naked. Or topless. I know - oh, the horror!!!
Not trying to be sexy, just BEING. The people that think stuff like that is weird or morally wrong probably have some serious sexual hang ups
or obsessions, or a very closed mind, that is my guess but not my problem.
There is a time and place for everything. I know how to behave in public, probably better than most people out there.
I sometimes do photo shoots where I am naked or half naked but I think that my pics are tasteful. I do not have any pics of myself where I pose naked with my legs spread open or something stuck inside me. Why? Because that's not me. Because I don't want to.
One day when I am older I will look at my pics with a smile on my face and reminisce.
So if my muddy butt pic, that to me is a fun pic taken during a very fun time at a Colorado hot spring with one of my best friends Angelica,
makes somebody say that I am inappropriate cause I am "flaking out my wet pussy for everyone to see" - then I got some news for you buddy!
FUCK OFF!!! I am who I am, yes I get naked for money (at work). So what? I'd rather be a stripper instead of some other occupations.
Like it's better to be writing parking tickets or slaughtering animals for consumption, or shoot at innocent people somewhere because
you are "fighting a war"? Or rot away in a cubicle in some office while hating it? I did that once and I wanted to crawl out of my skin every minute
that I was there. I'd rather be homeless begging for change in the streets than to do that.
Everybody is different. Some people are happy in an office. Is stripping always super fun or great? Far from it but that's a different blog entry.
Yes, I have half naked and even naked pics of myself on my blog. Such a sinner I am, oh gosh!
So what? I like them, it's my blog.
If you don't like this then look at something else, like nuns modeling the latest cloak fashions. Or a magazine with cars or tools.
I love modeling, models, fashion, art nudes, high fashion etc etc. I love it.
I got signed to my first modeling agency when I was 18 years old.
I got asked to compete in Miss Poland too. Asked to go live in NYC fairly recently and try the modeling some more.
I have done paid modeling (real modeling) but that is not my main source of income therefore I do not call myself a model. I have a mortgage that needs to be paid every month and with that a monthly HOA payment, I don't think that modeling would bring in enough money on a regular basis at this point.
Not the kind of modeling I am referring too.
Not every pretty girl can be a Kate Moss, there is only one Kate and I love her.
Maybe I would be doing something else if I didn't have the burden of a mortgage, I probably would. But I can't for now.
At least I am not on welfare.
So what would Pippi do? Pippi would tell the people that don't get her to FUCK OFF and continue to do HER thing.
And that is exactly what I am intending on doing.
I have a strong spirit inside of me. It's not getting defeated.
The stripping and my pics are a part of me but not all that I am.
If you can't see that then that is YOUR problem, not mine.



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Mr.B on :

Goddess Maybe!?! No.
You are goddess, certainly!

blaze on :

Lol your butt looked cute eff the haters



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