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The Girl.......

Later this month the American version of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" is coming to theaters. Exciting!!!! This time Rooney Mara is playing the lead,
the role of a lifetime!
Rooney Mara

I did see the three Swedish movies with Noomi Rapace playing Lisbeth Salander and I loved them. And of course I read the books. They are great!
If you haven't read them, you should. The author? Stieg Larsson. Brilliant man.
I might have a weakness for the books since the plot is taking place in Sweden, mostly Stockholm, where I grew up. Stieg writes about people
and places that I am familiar with.

Noomi Rapace

Unfortunately Stieg died much too early from a heart attack, otherwise there would had probably been more books about Lisbeth.
He is one of the best-selling authors in the world.
And he incorporated my heroine Pippi Långstrump into the story. Pippi, everybody in Sweden knows and loves her. Supposedly Lisbeth is a grown
version of Pippi, through the eyes of Stieg. I think he did a great job of capturing Pippi's spirit.

We also love ABBA in Sweden. I grew up singing ABBA songs into the handle of my jump rope while dancing in front of the mirror, pretending to be
either Agnetha or Anni-Frid.

Look at those butts, looking absolutely amazing the way they are, no surgeries or padded panties here!

Isn't it kind of funny that both the actresses playing Lisbeth have double O's in their first names?


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