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Like I mentioned in a recent blog, I read about ten or so other people's blog. Most of them belong to girls that live in Sweden where blogging is BIG and some of them are making good money and enjoying celebrity status purely by blogging......
Where is MY money????? LOL.
Anyhow, today this one girl, Tyra, is endorsing and selling the fake butt panties on her blog. Basically padded panties for girls, so your ass gets to look bigger and more lifted.
Seriously? Who wears that shit? I think it's like one of the lamest thing ever, really. Fake this, fake that. How about REAL?
I really hope that women and girls have more sense than to feel that they have to constantly "enhance" who they are.
I would be mortified if I was parading around with some padded ass panties on and some fake boobs stuffed in my bra all the time.
"Oooooh, look at me.......I am sooooooo curvy and sexy........!" BARF and whatever!
Imagine meeting some guy and then have to reveal the "real" me to him. How embarrassing!
I have B cup boobs, if you don't like them - oh well! I couldn't care less buddy, I like them and that is all that matters to me. BYE! NEXT!
Sure, some make up is fine, whatever. But who has the energy to be messing around with some padded panties every day?
Do you wear them every day once you start wearing them? Or do you go to school and work with a different ass size every day to keep things interesting?
Wear the padded ass only when you go out dancing? LOL.
The only pad that goes in my panties are the pads I use when I have my period.
I am all for women looking feminine and taking care of their hygiene. Looking nice. But padded ass panties? Stuffing your bra?
No, I do not like that. It's too much. And it is all to please and attract men. With body parts that come OFF for crying out loud!
Implants don't count here, since they don't come off obviously.
If anything, the man you attract with the help of your padded ass panties will turn around and run once they come off. I know I would.
I can't belive that some girl in Sweden is trying to push this bullshit product on the young girls reading her blog. I have always thought of girls in Sweden as feminists and strong, girl power you know........! This is kind of a set back.

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