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Recap Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Ok.......first I was kind of thinking that all the girls were really skinny, but then I remembered how skinny I was in my teens.
Yes, some of the "angels" in the show are teenagers. My friend Yolanda just read my blog and one of her comments to me was
that I am too skinny. Well, I was probably at least 10 - 15 lbs lighter in my teens, without trying.
Now I am more normal, I wish I could be as skinny now as I was at 18 but that would take too much effort.
Probably an elimination of pastries amd ice cream, can't do that!
Very skinny legs and narrow hips on the girls in the show. And of course, some of them diet and work out weeks before the show, why wouldn't they?
I would too if I would be walking that runway.
But even at that, I think that Karlie Kloss is too skinny for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
And not that pretty, she is more high fashion I think. Like her upcoming spread in Vogue.
They claim that the Victoria's Secret girls are more "voluptuos", well maybe compared to the girls that do high fashion in NY and Milano, but only by five lbs tops,
the girls in the show were all super skinny.
My faves were Miranda, Adriana and Doutzen. Did Miranda really squeeze out a baby?
From where did that baby come out?
I always thought that Allesandra didn't belong in the show, to me she has a manly face somehow.
My fave fashion moment was the PINK fashion, it was cute, fun and rave-y. I liked it very much.
But too many cutesy blowing kisses and winking eyes from the girls, they all do the same thing and need to come up with something new.
Like flip the camera off or something.
Kanye needs to go away, he is painfully embarrassing and his pants looked bad.
I think Nikki Minaj is cute but I don't like her rapping and her exaggerated face expressions, she is trying so hard to be different and edgy
and bla bla bla but it doesn't quite hit home. It's too much, less is more sometimes.
Look at Adele for example, sure her style is miles from Nikki's but she comes across as so much more.
Anyways, I love models, fashion shows and runways.


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