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Still feeling tired though I just slept for more than nine hours. It must be the weather, the sky is gray and heavy looking, they say there will be a winter weather advisory issued this afternoon, meaning it might snow a lot with low visibility, annoying if you are out driving.
I got a lot done yesterday - phew! In a bit I am going to clean up the kitchen (dishes) and drive to get a latte. A quick stop at the store for a bottle of Pine-Sol. I use that to mop the floor in the kitchen and bathroom - sexy!
Take Chhaya out and throw in a load of laundry. Hang dry the laundry because it's my nice sweats, thin t-shirts and other delicate stuff.
Take a long bath, scrub my face, moisturize. Catch up on other people's blogs, I read eleven different ones now, it's addicting! Good that I am a fast reader. Noticed that every other person in Sweden has a blog, that must be the big thing there. Not that all of the blogs are interesting. And most people have not been blogging as long as me either (in Sweden).
Me? Since 2006.
Later tonight, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I am curious about Anne V, she is dating Adam Levine. I love his song "Move Like Jagger" - it's so good!
There, a typical day for me, to everybody that always asks me what else I do, besides work. I live a totally normal life. Duh!
Quite annoying question after a while actually, "Sooooo, what else do you do?".
Well, what do YOU do then? Work? Sleep? Eat?
Go to the bathroom? Errands? Catch up with family & friends? STUFF?
Living your life? Well, so do I. So do I........


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