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At work there is a jukebox in the bar/dining room. And a dance floor that some nights gets packed with people two stepping and swinging each other around. Rowdy is a good word to describe it.
Some man got pissed off because I did not want to dance with him one night. Well, hello - have you seen my heels? They are at least 6 inches, I am not in there to two step and potentionally twist my ankle, if you want a lap dance I will dance for you. Besides, I have the right to decline any guy that wants to dance with me without him getting pissed, I can't stand angry and forceful guys. What girl likes that? Leave me alone!
I did dance with Melvin, we were alone on the dance floor, so I didn't have to think about getting elbowed or stepped at. And I could not say no to sweet his wife cheered us on.

Also, a self portrait from my last night at work, went with purple. I am back in Alaska now. Everything is covered with snow.


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Edward on :

Well, I miss you! Wish you would post a few pictures of your Alaskan home and country. Hurry back to south Dakota.

Tatiana on :

Hope you are well!
You know how to read the the older blog entries? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "next page". I know I have some pics from a trip to Homer from last Summer.
But I will have some more Alaska pics coming up.
Tell Teri HI from me!

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