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Stuff in Vegas

Tatiana did get a purple Michael Kors bag while shopping in Vegas. Very nice.
She got some bra's at Victoria's Secret. Wanted to find some more sweats there but they didn't have any nice ones. Saw a cute grey hoodie, now Tatiana regrets that she didn't get it. Tatiana likes the PINK line by Victoria's Secret, cute stuff.

Every time Tatiana goes in to Victoria's Secret there are like at least five or more sales girls/ladies asking the same annoying questions......hello, how are you and what are you looking for today/this evening? It's ok to answer these questions once or twice but after you repeat yourself five times or more it becomes annoying. Aaaaarggggh! Just leave me alone and if I do need your help or a room for trying something on - then I will come and find you. Jeeez!
One more thing, somebody always wants to "measure" you. Meaning, tell you what bra size you should wear. And they always size you up, stare at the boob area and blurt out the dumbest measurements. D cup? C? Ok now, Tatiana is not flat chested but come on! D cup? Really? LOL.
Tatiana wears B cup bra's and sometimes even A cup because she likes how the A cup looks on. The A cup is smaller and more flattering (sometimes, depending on the bra) Tatiana thinks. Referring to work in her mind.
Check out these panties. Total Fox. Seriously? Imagine going to a strip club and seeing some girl parading around in those. That would be funny.
Not that the people at Victoria's Secret could have possibly imagined that strippers might be wearing some of their stuff at work. What?
Tatiana does, some of their bra's. But the panties, not so much. Honey Dew's are way prettier and look better on.
The "Total Fox" panties? Never! LOL. Only as a joke.

But the Juicy store had some reeeeaaaaallyyyyyy cute sweats. Tatiana wanted at least three pairs, in pink, dark grey and plum.
This whole outfit is sooooooo cute! Those are the sweats in pink btw. It's the original velour snap pocket sweat pants. Tatiana wants!

And this jacket was really nice too! Juicy.......Tatiana loves!


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