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Good Morning!

Dilemma of the moment, which pastry to choose this morning for breakfast? Tatiana's iced vanilla latte is ready, as you can see. The almond filled croissants are very yummy.
Whole Foods - seriously, the best store EVER! Absolutely looooove the place. But you all know that about Tatiana already.
Kim K filed for divorce? More on that later. Now it's food time!!!
Carpe Diem.


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Mr.B on :

If the squares in the lower left are custard filled, I'll take three. If they are just lemon bars, I'll take three anyway. Can they use a gel pack so they do not freeze. Priority cargo! No ice in the latte' either. Bulking up is important in the great white north. Bon Appetit'.

Tatiana on :

Mr B. you can have an extra hot latte, that's how I order them if I don't drink the iced.

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