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HELLO! Stop bashing Britney!

Tatiana is very irritated by all the negative press Britney Spears has been receiving regarding her performance at the VMA's. FAT? Where is this girl fat? She had two kids recently! Remember? Tatiana wants to see all the chicks that are criticizing Britney's physique to line up in front of her in bikinis, so she can comment on their bodies.
Most of them are probably really fat and just jealous of Britney. Britney looks fine to Tatiana. And her performance? It was good, the song is catchy. If it was so horrible,
how come no one is highlighting the so called super performances from that night?
Seriously, Beyonce probably weighs more than Britney, but she is a media darling and everyone is oooh ing and aaah ing over her figure when it is no better than Britney's. It's all bs.
It is so not cool for girls to starve themselves. Looking bony and emaciated on purpose is not attractive. Or healthy.
This society is sick. Instead of making people feel good about themselves and make them feel happy and positive it just brings people down.
Girls! Eat and be happy and healthy! If you gain too much weight, exercise!
Because being really fat is not good either.
Please excuse Tatiana, her and her plump beautiful behind are going to go and dig out some ice cream from the freezer and enjoy every bite of it!


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