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"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."
True words!

I made this for myself and some of my friends as a token of my appreciation for their friendship. It took some picture frames, photo copies, stickers and friendship bracelets. And time. Came out really cute.
Btw SuperNova is my chosen nickname for myself in case you wonder what that stand for, I've had it for a while......that should just become the new name for this blog. SuperNova. Right!?

Here I am with Rose-Marie. I am trying to convince her to go to Vegas too with me. But she lives in Sweden.

And here is Mikey. It is very possible to be friends with guys, I love my guy long as they respect the friendship and don't cross any boundaries.

And this is Dez. She is going to be a pilot. More proof that some dancers, contradicting many popular stereotypes, have it together, are intelligent and driven. She has a blog too, here

With Shelley at Utopia. Having the time of my life.


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