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Tatiana was planning on working tonight but decided not to, not enough energy,
she rather go in another time when she is more motivated.
So instead she is sitting in front of the computer, Coast To Coast in the background, trying to come up with something interesting to say.
Ok, so there is a procedure that women are getting called the "Toronto Trim".
That's when you get your VAGINE worked on, basically like plastic surgery for your lower regions. Whatever! Tatiana thinks. There's no need for that unless you have something down there that makes your everyday life difficult. Or if you dance in a nude club and people look at you in absolute horror every time you spread your legs.
What about hymenoplasty, a procedure that "restores" your hymen. Tatiana feels bad for women that do it due to cultural reasons. If some guy would ask Tatiana to have hymenoplasty she would bang him over the head with her well used frying pan. BOING! And offer to perform some surgery on his privates.
Women do so much nipping and tucking, sometimes it is going to such extremes.
Are they any happier due to it? Tatiana actually recently read a study that said that women with breast implants experienced a higher rate of depression and even suicide attempts than women with no implants. Who knows how accurate that is but still......
People can do whatever they want Tatiana thinks, as long as they are not hurting another person but sometimes she just wonders. There are so many girls out there with stuff in their lips and most of the time it just looks weird. Do they notice this themselves? She just hopes they are happy, because that's basically what we all are trying to be, happy.
Oh by the way. Jenna Jameson reduced her breasts. She says she got tired of her double D's and is now a C cup. She says that she kind of regrets getting them in the first place but she felt pressured because of her occupation. Jenna actually danced at Crazy Horse Too here in Vegas before she started doing porn. She said she had a full C cup at 19, nice! Tatiana can just picture a young, cute Jenna firing up the stage at Crazy Horse Too, yummy. Julia really likes Jenna. It's her kind of gal. She even got to meet Jenna once and Jenna told Julia she was beautiful, sweet! Tatiana thinks Jenna is pretty and interesting too but in some recent pictures it looks like she had her lips done and it looks like too much. Jenna take that out!
It will be interesting to see what people will try to look like in the future. Will it be totally plastic or back to natural?


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