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Executive decisions......

Tatiana is faced with many difficult decisions on a regular great that she is able to sail through them like the pro she is.
For example.......what shoes is she going to wear tonight? The pink glittery ones? The chrome ones with rhinestones, they are sooooo pretty........or the clear ones with rhinestones on the heel only? How about the outfit? Dark or pink? Maybe white? Hmmmmmm.......many to choose from.....
Should she spritz some Viva La Juicy all over herself or just stick with the apricot/vanilla lotion from Bath & BodyWorks?
And then she picks out earrings, bracelets.......perhaps a super KAWAII Hello Kitty necklace? Or sans necklace perhaps?
It's not easy being it's quite easy and fun. It's a world of glitter, Hello Kitty, lipgloss, various shades of pink.......FUN!!!

You try walking in these....and make it look fierce!



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