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Julia visits 4 Play (again) !!

Julia found herself back at the LA strip club 4 Play on Saturday night. It was so much different than the boring Sunday night that the girls had experienced about 6 weeks ago. The club was packed, and the girls were very cute. Julia saw a number of young looking blonde girls with fake boobs that she liked. Although Julia didn't have any sexytime lapdances, she enjoyed looking at the girls on stage.

Derek and Geoff were there as usual, and the three of them sat at a table drinking Red Bull and trying to decide which girls they liked the best.

On the way out, Julia stopped to talk to a bouncer about 4 Play's amateur contest. It seems that every Tuesday night there is an amatuer vagine night and if you get first place you win $500. Second and third place also get money but not as much. You go on stage for one song, and by the end of it you must be totally nude.

There is a panel of judges so the winners are chosen by them and not audience participation like some other contests.

Julia is tempted to participate in the contest.....but first she will probably go back on a Tuesday night and observe the contest in action before committing to showing her vagine at 4 Play....

(Written by Julia).


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