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Tales from the Niagara House Motel (Denver, CO) "Shawna - guest in room 207"

'Hey cutie!'

Shawna called down to Julia from over the balcony.

Julia was pulling her pink Hello Kitty suitcase to the
car, preparing for a night of work at Shotgun Willie's.

'I like your Valley Girl look', Shawna said while smoking
a cigarette.

'Wait right there, I have something for you I think you
will like.' Shawna disappeared into her room. She
returned a few seconds later and threw something
over the balcony for Julia to catch.

'I think those would look really cute on you', she
explained. 'They're brand new, and I have like a
hundred pairs, you can have those.'

Julia held several pairs of brightly colored lace thong
underwear in her hand. They were super small, and
she knew they would never fit her.

'Um, thanks Shawna, but I could never fit into these.'
Julia was touched by Shawna's gesture. She threw
the underwear back up to the second floor.

'Thanks for thinking of me!' Julia didn't know what
else to say.

When Tatiana heard what had happened, she
decided that they should give Shawna a gift and
a stack of gossip magazines that they were finished

Shawna had been very helpful when Julia was sick,
coming down to their room with large pill bottles full of
Sudafed, Claratin, Benedryl, and Advil Cold & Sinus.
She told Julia and Tatiana to call her in room 207 if
they ever needed anything.

So the next time they were in Boulder, they found a
nice soap and a candle for Shawna. But Shawna was
nowhere to be found when the girls went to her room
to give her the gifts. Julia and Tatiana left them beside
her door, hoping that she would find them soon before
one of the other guests got there first.

A few days passed and they heard nothing.
They tried calling her room but got no answer.

The morning that they left, Shawna was standing over
the balcony smoking her usual cigarette.

'Thank you guys so much for the soap and the candle....'
Shawna called down. 'No one ever gives me anything.
The soap is sitting on my dresser. That was so nice of
you to think of me.'

Julia and Tatiana didn't know what to say.
Doing something nice for someone who is not expecting
it can be rewarding.

(Written by Julia).


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