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How long do you want to live?

Within the near future people will supposedly be able to live to be 150. Tatiana really likes that. Time goes by so fast and there is not enough time as it is to experience everything. If you could live to be a healthy, functional 150 wouldn't you want to? Tatiana is all for that.
And according to some scientist, living to be 1000, yes 1000, should also be possible, after they come up with a cure for all diseases. Interesting......

Another interesting study made is that men supposedly live longer if they stare at women's breasts. Up to five years longer! That's a lot!
Is that why men go to strip clubs and like to "read" Playboy? Due to health reasons? Now Tatiana understands! Tatiana wonders if women too benefit from staring at boobs? Then Tatiana will live a long life......she sure has seen her share of boobs. Or maybe women should stare at men's packages instead to increase longevity?
Though that doesn't sound that appealing to Tatiana. Boob watching is more fun. They need to make another study focusing on women's health and boobs. Or maybe women can just stare at their own boobs? Actually Tatiana thinks that on average women outlive men, it probably has to do with that they can sit around and look at and touch their own boobs. Right?
Here is a link to the study, so all of you can educate yourselves about ways to improve your health, Tatiana wants to aid in adding five years to your life. Remember that when you write your will. Include Tatiana in it!


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