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Tatiana is ecstatic! She recently found out about the "V Steam". It's like a facial for the VAGINE! How interesting! Tatiana CAN'T WAIT to try one of these facials herself. It is an old Korean treatment, supposedly relaxing and beneficial too for health issues like fertility, rid the body of toxins, reduce stress, fight infections......yea.....the list goes on. This treatment is also called CHAI- YOK.
You squat, naked of course, over a steaming concoction made up of herbs such as mugwort and wormwood, about 14 different herbs mixed together. You squat for about 45 minutes and feel nice and fresh afterwards! DA NANG!
This is fascinating! Tatiana loves trying out different spa treatments. She much rather have a V Steam than a Brazilian. In case you have no idea what a Brazilian is, though it's 2011 and you should, that is when you get your hair down there waxed, some go totally bare and some opt for different designs. Tatiana thinks that waxing the VAGINE area results in ingrown hairs and she does not have time for those, ingrown hairs down there are for folks that keep their VAGINE area hidden and Tatiana doesn't. Also, the skin down there is sensitive, constantly ripping on it with a wax will, in Tatiana's opinion, make it leathery over time and saggy, like the sleeve of wizard. And that is not ok either for Tatiana, she wants it soft and taut. VERY NICE!!!!
The V Steam can be found in many spa's around California and probably in may of the Korean spa's around the country. It's amazing how some Asian people clean themselves, Tatiana is impressed. Like the Korean spa, Imperial Spa it's called, that she went to in Vegas. There were like 90 % Asian's there, scrubbing, steaming, lounging. It's a normal part of their life. Tatiana is all for a very well taken care of personal hygiene.
Tatiana doubt's that she can partake in a V Steam up here in Alaska, she should stroll into one of the local little places around here and ask if they offer any VAGINE facials just to see the the reactions of the staff. That wold be funny.
But as soon as she tries one, like when she is back in CA or NV, she will let you know, a full review and maybe even some pictures!
And there is a similar treatment for men too! Called A Steam. Yes, men too should keep their package area fresh, trimmed and clean. Of course!


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