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Wiped out

Since late afternoon yesterday Tatiana has been feeling wiped put, she has like chronic fatigue syndrome and a headache that started this afternoon and nausea. She is feeling gross and tired and achy, has not brushed her teeth or washed her face or pampered her eye lashes with Latisse since Saturday night. Seksi!
She wanted to work yesterday and today, that was her determined plan but is not feeling well enough to and now she has anxiety and guilt over missing work. Fun.
Tomorrow is the official Summer Solstice and Tatiana does not want to work. She rather spend Solstice flying around on her broom, talking to animals, dance around a midsommarstång, make a wreath and pick seven different kind of flowers and dream of her future husband......or wife......?
Isn't that what everybody does on Solstice?
About work.......not much to report besides that some girl that is not happy with Tatiana being in "her" club is back. Somebody overheard her complaining over Tatiana's "why is she here?". The girl is ok looking, not bad, not a head turner but cute. She is really rude (stage hogging with her feet up on the stage when Tatiana is up, totally lame), jealous much maybe? Kind of funny to see girls being insecure.
A new girl told Tatiana that she admires the way Tatiana respects herself and her body when she dances. ? And that she feels she can't do that, in order to make money. Sad but true. Tatiana did not have any response to that because unfortunately lot's of girls think like that and therefore they destroy the business for everybody, including themselves but they do not see the bigger picture in that.
You all that read this blog know that Tatiana rather go home with no money than compromise what she is about. She walked away from a few dances this weekend because somebody thought they were going to be able to paw all over her, no way, that is NOT going to happen. Please!
And certain girls do not want to follow Tatiana on stage (according to the dj, because "she is a goddess"). Sheess! Whatever. Can't help the way I look. It's all natural baby!
There was one girl at The Bush that a lot of girls did not like to follow either, Alyssa. Tatiana admits that Alyssa was stunning. Not only that, she did all kinds of splits on stage too. So Tatiana can understand the feeling. But everybody is different. Alyssa for example was beautiful but in a very fake way, no body fat what so ever, the boobs and the lips and whatever else she had done and Tatiana never saw her smile. But she was beautiful, Tatiana told her to send her pictures to Playboy, she would be in the mag in a second.
Anyhow. Chhaya needs to pee and then Tatiana is taking a bath and brushing her teeth. The Latisse bottle is almost empty, Tatiana thinks it works but not super or two more bottles would probably be needed but Tatiana is leaning towards not bothering with it anymore.
But for you that have sparse lashes/brows, even patches of missing hair on your head. Look into Latisse.


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