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Tatiana is taken

Tatiana has a new boyfriend and he wants Tatiana all to himself.
He is very cute, loves giving kisses and cuddling. His name is Booger.
Tatiana met him at work, it was love at first sight.
The other night when Tatiana was on stage to S&M by Rihanna, Booger decided to make their relationship official. He walked up behind some guys that were entranced by Tatiana (of course) and lifted his leg and peed on their jackets. He basically marked his territory. Tatiana thought it was sweet, no one has ever done that to express their love for her before. You should try it, it might work for you too!
Tatiana cuddled with him all night after that. But she also told him that he has to curb his jealousy. Dating a dancer and being jealous does not work. Booger totally understands. Besides, he is dating all the other girls in the club too. As long as Tatiana is his number one girl, she is content.


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