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I like.......

I really like this shower creme. It smells soooooo good!

And I do no like it when people stink like bad BO in public. Especially at my place of work. YUCK !!!
I will not sit next to a stinky person and chit chat, I will not subject myself to torture like that.
My Mom always said that soap is cheap and if you have hot water coming out of the faucet then there is no excuse not to keep yourself clean.
It is one thing if you are out hiking or camping, but if you decide to go to a club, post office, restaurant etc. reeking of BO then you are just nasty.
Keep the stink to yourself. There is no need for cologne or perfume, just be clean.
A couple of summers ago I worked with a girl at The Bush that had really bad BO. And I was not the only one that noticed. Other girls could smell her and guys too. She had no problem spackling on make up, she favored lots of glitter on the eye lids, and keeping her hair ok looking but she sure did not know how to shower. It was bad. There were some complaints made to management and the girl finally, it took a while though, got the hint.
If I managed a club, personal hygiene would be a must. And if a patron came into my club smelling like dirty armpit/ass, I would tell him to leave and come back only after taking a long hot bath and investing on some deodorant.

Of course it's ok to be as dirty and stinky as you want in your house. Tatiana does not always smell like vanilla and JUICY perfume (yes she does). She is not washing, shaving etc. all the time, that would be too much. She can also excuse temporary stinkiness if somebody is going through some kind of trauma. But if you can get up each morning, put on clothes and make up, or whatever, then there are no excuses for BO.


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