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Tatiana had a pedicure last week. She went to a place she never been to before, a lazy, not focused, chunky girl did Tatiana's pedicure. Very haphazardly. She was no good. Tatiana will not spend $$$ on a pedicure from that girl again. There was a guy giving a pedicure right next to Tatiana, he seemed ok, so Tatiana is going to request him next time and see what he has to offer.
The price for a pedicure varies depending on where you go. Tatiana wants a GOOD pedicure, not some sloppy one. She had one of her worst ever at Allure Day Spa in Anchorage, supposedly voted one of "the best spas". HUH? Tatiana does not know who voted but that place sucks! The pedicure was awful, the girl that "performed" it was totally clueless. Then they have the nerve to charge $ 85 for it. AND expect a tip! Tatiana also had a massage and two facials there, no good either.
Allure Day Spa gets Tatiana's vote to be one of the WORST places she has been to. Seriously. Tatiana loves facials, massages, pedicures and she knows when they are done well. The connoisseur that she is.
Anyhow, back to the pedicure from last week.
First Tatiana picks a color, she prefers to bring her own, so she picks from what she has at home.....

Here is a pic from the pedicure place, the toes are separated, painted and drying.......

And the result. Some lady complimented Tatiana's nail beds, Tatiana got that once before, a nail bed compliment, wow.....!
The color, pink, Tatiana LOVES pink.
Not bad for some crusty, old dancer feet huh?


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