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Pick up your trash already!

Yesterday Tatiana had a talk with one of her friends that lives in Sweden. She told Tatiana how she had asked some guy to pick up some litter she had witnessed him throw on the ground, though there was a trash can close by. Tatiana likes that her friend opened her mouth and said something, it's easy to just look the other way. But she was right!
Tatiana can't stand people that litter. It's gross. Pick up your trash already. If everybody would do THEIR part, picking up the litter they cause, then there wouldn't be any random litter laying around. How difficult can it be?
It is so nasty to find beer cans and bottles in the forest. That is just lazy and nasty.
Tatiana does her part with the littering. And she recycles now, glass, plastic, aluminum cans. There are probably many areas she could improve in. But she is not going to hop on a bike and pedal back and forth to work on the side of the highway anytime soon.

It often takes a long time before litter from the environment disappears.

Paper and paperboard: 6 months
Cigarette butts: 2–5 years
Plastic (PET) Soda Bottles: 5–10 years
Plastic shopping bags: 10–30 years
Gum: 20–25 years
Polystyrene chip wrapping: 90 years
Tin Can: 80–100 years
Aluminum Can: 200–400 years
Six pack bottle wrapping: 450 years
Golf ball: 100–1000 years

Or some cute, innocent animal might mistake that gum for food and die from eating it.
That would be sad, right?
Tatiana likes the anti littering laws in Singapore. Heavy fines and sometimes community service.


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