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Todays update

Tatiana just finished eating some Subway, no 6' sandwiches for her, foot longs only, today with an iced vanilla latte. In LA you have the option to add cilantro to your sandwich at Subway, it's actually really good, the cilantro adds lots of big fresh flavor. They don't have that option at any Subway Tatiana has been to in Vegas or Alaska, they should. Now you learned something else......
The first thing Tatiana did today was to take Chhaya down to the beach for a nice walk, it is windy and totally gray out today but Chhaya needs the walk and so does Tatiana. Chhaya pees like 50 times when she explores the beach. Every spot is the perfect spot for some pee.
While Tatiana is writing this there is a debate on tv regarding if you should wear make up, this is for the ladies and the trannies too Tatiana assumes, all the time.
Well, of course not! Let that skin breathe! Tatiana never wears make up in the day time (unless there is a photo shoot scheduled). Make up applications before the grocery store? No way. Who has the energy to even BOTHER with that?
Tatiana puts her hair up in a bun, wipes the crust out of her eyes, puts the contacts in and the sweats on and off she goes.
When she reads articles that Gwen Stefani and Kim Kardashian never leave the house without a face full of make up, even if only to go to the grocery store, she just thinks it must be so exhausting to feel the pressure to have to look a certain way every day.
Kim wears so much make up, talk about spackle........those eye lashes are just too much, way more lashes than Tatiana wears at work. Kim has a pretty face, naturally. Gwen Stefani looks like a dude, so she probably needs the make up. Otherwise her husband might stray again.
But Kim and her ring and that fiance . Seriously. You want to know what Tatiana thinks? Yeah, you do.....
Kim's fiance, Kris Humphries (that's such a hot last name, NOT) looks like a cross between a Neanderthal and the missing link (but he is most likely a sweetie, he looks harmless and dumb). Kim can have him. Imagine that giant on top of you every night, he is 6'9! That is SCARY! Kim is jumping from one relationship to another with no breaks in between. And that 20.5 carat, 2 million dollar ring?
That is just gaudy and ghetto. Another chick brainwashed to think that a ring equals love and happiness. The more carats the more love? Lame.
Tatiana wishes Kim and Kris lots of joy, when Kim matures a little, though she is 30 already, she might get smarter. Maybe.

Besides that, Tatiana is working and it's going well. Her nickname at work is "The Goddess", she did not name herself that, the dj did, his name is Clay. What a sweetie!
And tomorrow it is time for a much needed pedicure.


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