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Strawberries & Sunshine

Tatiana is sitting here with a large bowl of strawberries, yogurt and granola. While eating, reading everybody's blogs, one girl supposedly is in the hospital. Drama!
Soon she is going outside with Chhaya to enjoy the weather. Th sun is shining today.
But first she is going to brag about her friend Kennedy a little. Kennedy used to work at The Bush too but she is now well on her way to become a pilot, Tatiana thinks that is so cool! Tatiana is really impressed with Kennedy! GOOD FOR HER!
Tatiana went flying with Kennedy a few times, while Kennedy thought it was like the best time ever, Tatiana enjoyed herself, took in all the scenery but would much rather be on the ground. Tatiana has no interest at all in becoming a pilot.
Like Kennedy says, "there is no half-way, people I've met either are all the way in, consumed with this obsession or have no interest in it at all. I have yet to meet someone who is somewhat interested in it." Tatiana agrees.
Here is a link to the blog Tatiana wrote after her and Kennedy went flying, a chilly and sunny October day.

Actually a rather large number of people in Alaska have a pilot's license, Tatiana is not sure about the exact number but she heard somewhere that it is like 1 out of 58. Many places in Alaska don't have roads, so you need to go by plane or boat or walk if you like walking very, very far. Like Juneau, Alaska's capital.


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