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Fire in my belly

Sarah Palin is not the only person that has a fire in her belly. Tatiana does too. But Tatiana decided against entering the presidential race after some careful thinking.......maybe another time. Or this time?
Seriously, if Sarah can do it, so can Tatiana, that whole "you have to be born in America" rule can be overlooked, Tatiana can just bat with her Bambi lashes and whoever is in charge of the rules will let her have her way. Simple.
Tatiana wonders......will she be able to wear her 7' rhinestone heels as president? Or will the people around her, like other heads of state at meetings and other functions, feel too intimidated, just like the men in the strip club sometimes do? But maybe it's a good thing to be intimidating as president?
Should her official song as president be "Bossy" by Linsday Lohan OR "Attention Whore" by Deadmau5? Decisions, decisions........
Tatiana really wants to have afternoon tea with Vladimir Putin, she has a small crush on him. Yes, he is not the "official' President of Russia but he is still very much in the picture. He looks like so much fun!
On a different note, Tatiana did get a lot done today. She ended up not working due to a regular monthly arrival of something that women get. Usually Tatiana gets moody then and needs to look for her Motrin bottle. And not be bothered by anything or anyone. Can you relate?
But the mood stayed very upbeat all day, except the mood for work.
There was grocery shopping, running, waxing of legs, vacuuming, sweeping stairs, doing dishes, a stop at the beach to take a picture of the gorgeous sunset, dusting almost every surface in the house, rearranging bedroom furniture, mopping floors, cleaning bathroom. A few long phone calls. Of course intake of food and a walk with Chhaya and a shower but that's a given.
Marveling at large, red and itchy mosquito bites all over the butt, they like Tatiana's butt since it's extra juicy right now. Marveling at the extra juicy butt in the mirror, thinking that it's too juicy. Way too juicy. Tatiana does not envy Kim Kardashian's figure (or engagement ring for that matter). Made promise to self to run tomorrow too. And work, unless stomach gets too crampy.
All of this and more without smoking any meth. Hallelujah!
Sometimes Tatiana wonders what she would accomplish if she did smoke meth, wow, the possibilities are endless but Tatiana wants her skin to stay nice and smooth and she also wants all her teeth in her mouth for a while more, so meth smoking is out of the question.

Well, it's probably time to sleep now.......Tatiana loves her sleep so toodeloo until next time!


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