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Tatiana wants to look like THIS again. This pic is from almost two years ago (dressing room at The Bush), two Summers ago. Tatiana thinks she looks DA NANG here. Right!!??
Today, not like that.
: (
Maybe it is true, that it really IS harder to lose weight as you get older? OOOOHHHH the horror!!!! Tatiana did not think it would happen to her. When she lived in Sweden she was really skinny. Much thinner than in this pic.
Today she is maybe 5 lbs heavier (than in the pic, not since Sweden....). It does not seem like much but Tatiana can see and feel the difference. Oh yes.
Another contributing factor is work. If Tatiana works on a regular basis, she stays thinner, because then she does not sit at home at night and snack on food.
The running probably helps some, but Tatiana also likes running because it actually makes her feel good. Maybe she should switch it up with the gym twice a week? Some resistance training might take care of those 5 lbs?
And work.
Sounds like a plan.
Now Tatiana is going to shower and scrub herself nice and smooth, then put on a face mask and call her Mom to check in.


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Josh on :

Swimming running 2-3 days with gym will get you to goal, though from last pic in pj's you look damn good already :-P

Kevin on :

If there would be anything critical I would say about your body it would be that you should gain 5 pounds. But what ever weight, just keep being Tatiana.

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