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11 11 AM

11 is Tatiana's special number.
She just got up, sitting down with some coffee, casually watching Judge Pirro on tv. Tatiana has to say that Judge Pirro is a sharp lady, she is super hot, smart, funny, what a woman, wow!
Today is kind of overcast and windy, Tatiana needs to go back to the laundromat and sniff out the acceptable versus the non acceptable machines and do some laundry.
If the sun comes out some more there might be bikini time later.
Chhaya just finished eating a bowl of food. Tatiana served her three eggs, over easy, on top of her dry food today. BTW Chhaya's dry food is Wolf King by Solid Gold, she also gets canned food, usually by Solid Gold too and homemade food, like chicken, rice and boiled carrots. And she gets whatever Tatiana is having if she wants, we share.
If we go camping, Chhaya insists on tasting everything, even bell peppers and oranges. She wants to make sure she is not missing out on any new culinary experiences.
On the schedule for later today, a 2 mile run. It's back to work tomorrow.
Maybe egg lady will change up the routine and squeeze out something else this time?


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