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Chhaya's birthday is coming up!

Her birthday is on Saturday, she is going to be 6. My baby!
She was 11 lbs when I brought her home, she is around 72 lbs now.
I wonder if she can feel how much I love her? I think she can, we share moments sometimes when I think she knows.
Here she is stretched out sleeping, like a little piggy.
And I just discovered this ice cream for doggies, peanut butter flavor. Chhaya likes it.
Now I am going to take her out for a quick pee before we cuddle up for the night. Today (technically yesterday since it's past Midnight) was a nice day. I did get a miniscule tan, not visible.
I am happy to be alive and I am happy to be blessed with Chhaya in my life.





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Josh on :

Such a beautiful dog, making me miss mine.

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