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Life Lessons

Before Tatiana goes to bed she is going to share these "life lessons" she just came across while reading up on stuff online.
She does not who said these things, but here they are

Do you have a higher purpose beyond yourself? You don’t have to be a movie star to make a difference in the world. Is there some cause you are willing to take a stand for and speak out about? Is there an issue that moves you to take action? Abused children, the elderly, the homeless, a health issue, the environment, animals? You can become an advocate for change in your own neighborhood, town, city, or state, in the nation, or even the world.

If we live long enough, we’re all going to get old. We must make peace with the idea that beauty is fleeting and that we won’t be taking any of our material possessions with us when we leave. What truly matters is the richness of your character, the compassion you develop and the love that you share.

No one has the perfect life. Even those with unbelievable beauty, brains, money, fame, and success, don’t escape unscathed. We are all someone’s child and often times someone’s parent. We all bleed and we all mourn. Don’t ever be jealous of anyone else. Focus on living your own life in the best way possible.

Now Tatiana, with this in mind, is going to curl up and enjoy her sleep and maybe a few good dreams.......


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