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More about work.....

It's a little after Midnight and it is just getting dark. Tatiana LOVES it! The long Alaskan summer days are great! Is it difficult to sleep? Not at all for Tatiana, she can sleep in daylight, darkness, curled up inside a loud speaker at a problem!
Anyway, since Tatiana is BIB, back in business, she will have some work related stories to share now and then.
Here is one from Saturday night......
Stage hog did it again. LOL. Like HELLO?
One guy thought Tatiana looked unreal, like a cartoon, he said "like an Anastasia princess cartoon". Awwwww, cute!
Then there was the inebriated guy, MR Super Annoying. Since Tatiana wouldn't pay him any attention, she does not like it when people are THAT drunk, seriously just sober up and do not slobber, spit and try to lay your heavy arm around me, weighing down on my hair .......and since Tatiana would not pay him any attention, he loudly decided and declared that Tatiana was "SO mean". And he actually remembered Tatiana from last year and she had been just as mean then too, supposedly. When he said that, Tatiana recalled him too and he had been just as drunk and annoying that night last year as this time. It's funny, every time a guy does not get the attention he thinks "he should" at a strip club, the girl in question is automatically mean.
What is up with that?
Try to go in at 8 am to the place you work at, reeking of booze, approach a female coworker, get really close to her and spit while you very annoying. If she quickly leaves, is it YOU or HER?
Anyhow, according to MR Super Annoying and drunk, he was a sociologist and some other title too and he just knew that Tatiana is mean. He knew, he had "studied" her, in his drunkenness. Well, Tatiana is a stripper (sometimes) and she just KNOWS that you have problems, many problems, now go away.
He did not spend any money, besides on alcohol, but wanted to talk and be annoying. Well, Tatiana does not have to talk to you just because you happen to be there, get it? Tatiana finally asked him "what exactly do you want, did you come here thinking I would wash your sweaty underwear and cook you dinner?" "Leave me alone!" "I am not your wife!"
He still followed her around like a puppy. In between declaring how mean Tatiana was, he told her how pretty he though she was.
GO AWAY! He might be very nice when sober, and somewhere else but Tatiana does not want to see him ever again.

Then we have a "lady", a dirty lady that lays eggs. This is a first too. Oh Lord! She goes up on stage and during the second song she squeezes out a plastic (?) egg from her VAGINE. She tries to give the eggs to the guys but most of them are so bewildered and probably grossed out by this, that they refuse to touch the egg (no shit) and she ends up putting it at the railing of the stage.
YEAH, freaking GROSS!!!! Some slimy VAG egg just laying there. Classy.
Imagine that Landis, for a show at The Bush, some girl in a chicken costume, squeezing out eggs during the third song, auctioning off the eggs to the audience.
To the people that do not know who Landis is, he is a dj at The Bush Company, he is super cool and reads Tatiana's blog sometimes.
: )
The egg lady is curvy, now that is being nice (but some like curvy and that's totally ok).......she wore a skirt and a bra out of some white fuzzy material, she looked like a cross between a polar bear and big bird. Or Sasquatch.
Yeah, like Tatiana said, never seen ladies squeeze anything out of their VAGINES at work before, she thought that only happened in Bangkok and on the internet.
It's actually GROSS and not at all sexy/cute or whatever it is supposed to be.

Then there is another girl that is very thin and looks like a crack head, Tatiana thinks it's pretty safe to say that she probably is a crack head. Which is sad, it must be difficult to deal with that. Tatiana has known/knows people with substance abuse problems and that does not mean that you are a bad person at all. Well, some people are druggies AND bad people, not a good combination, unfortunately Tatiana has known them know who you are......
This girl can't keep still and she moves her mouth around in all kinds of directions and wrinkles her forehead, her whole face moves. It's exhausting just to look at her (and kind of sad). This girl smells like trouble, Tatiana is keeping her distance. A guy at work said he thought that girl was " a snake". And another one came up to Tatiana asking how he could get rid of her because she had latched herself on to him and he did not want to talk to her anymore. She is kind of scary if you are sober enough to see it. Tatiana said she couldn't help him with that problem. Her advice to guys is to tell the girls, politely, that you are not interested from the very beginning.
Btw, if you are skinny due to crack, coke, meth, whatever it might be, even diet pills, then you are just druggie skinny, try to be naturally skinny, healthy for a change.
It's easy to drop the pounds if you snort/smoke some drugs.
Tatiana is sure egg lady and skinny girl have tons of great qualities, unfortunately those qualities do not come out that much at work.
It's getting late, Tatiana thinks that she is going to curl up in bed.


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Anonymous on :

Too funny about the egg lady!

Landis on :

what do you mean I read your blog sometimes?!?! Im always checking you out.
I think next time one of the girls asks me for an idea for a show I'll suggest a chicken suit, but i was wondering what kind of egg we're talking about. Are we talking plastic chicken egg or something a little bigger?? maybe an ostrich egg?? lol. I don't know what I'd do if a dancer did that and tried to hand me the egg, I guess next time i'm down there i need to stop in and check it out for myself.
BTW you've been in the state for a little while and I have not gotten a chance to see you. I know you must be planning to come and say hi sometime.
Let me konw if you have any other great show ideas! Have fun at charlies.
huggs Landis

Tatiana on :

It is definitely an ostrich egg! LOL. It's H U G E !!!
No, it's like a plastic checken egg, I think, I have not been LUCKY ENOUGH yet to witness this upclose, only from afar.....
Yes, I will come say hi for sure, sometime in the near future.
I heard that there is another Tatiana at The Bush now, is this true or just an evil rumour?
; )

landis on :

unfortunatly its not a rumour ;-( and she does not do your name justice!

Tatiana on : if I go back to the Bush for two weeks at some point there is going to be some Tatiana there that's NOT me? That is unacceptable!

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