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Long lashes

The Latisse works beyond Tatiana's expectations! Her lashes are so long and fluttering, she loves them! BAMBI lashes!
Actaully, these are some self portaits of Tatiana and her fake lashes from last night, these are the longest lashes she is using, they look a little extreme but it's not as overwhelming when she has her eyes open. Tatiana is not sure if she has seen any difference in her real lashes after using Latisse for almost two weeks now, every night. She does not think that she is going to continue with the Latisse once she runs out of what's left in the bottle. A bottle (very small) of Latisse is about $ 120 btw.

So last night at work was kind of........interesting, for lack of a better word.
First of all, more girls have showed up. Two arrived last night that Tatiana has not seen since last summer. Tatiana noticed that they were acting silly. One of them, she looks ok, in good shape, better from afar than up close, but still one of the better ones in the club, was hogging the people at the stage. At this club, most girls insist on sitting with with guys at the stage, totally trying to divert the attention from the girl that's presently on stage. Weird. It's the only club that Tatiana has worked at where this is done, where it's actually allowed, she doesn't get it. The stage is for the people that are watching the girl that's dancing on stage and that's the way it should be. Tatiana does not sit at the stage with people, if somebody wants to talk to Tatiana there are plenty of seats AWAY from the stage where you can talk. Tatiana noticed that this girl engaged in extra intese conversation with people the times Tatiana went on stage. Tatiana decided not to pay this insecure chick any attention. It is kind of rude though, the guys (most of them) that sit at the stage, sit there so they can look at the girl that is dancing. When guys sit with girls at the stage, Tatiana usually ignores them on purpose.
Then the other girl that showed up last night, stage hogs friend, that by the way is really unattractive, to put it kindly (you would totally agree), was sitting at the bar talking to an obvioulsy drunk guy.
Tatiana was sitting at the opposite side of the bar, snacking on some pretzels, admiring her new pretty silver shoes shock full of rhine stones, when the manager presented Tatiana with a drink, (soda water) saying that the guy that was sitting with that (ugly) girl had bought it for Tatiana.
"Do I have to go over there now" wondered Tatiana. "He is already sitting with somebody and I do not want to bother them".
"Yes, go over" said the manager/ladyboss. So Tatiana reluctantly went over, sat down and said thank you for the drink and introduced herself politely. The (ugly) girl suddenly felt threatened and attached herself even more to the guy. Tatiana is not going to bother in situations like these, she never has to "compete" for any attention, besides it's just lame to do that. Desperate and Tatiana is not desperate.
She just excused herself and walked away. What many girls also do in this club (and other clubs too) is that they latch themslves on to a guy as soon as he walks in through the door and by doing that they think that the guy should pay attention only to them. The poor guy sometimes feels obligated though he really would rather talk to or get dances from somebody else.
Tatiana doesn't like to spend too much time with people. It's nothing personal usually. She prefers limited chit chat, or a convincing "YOU NEED", some dances and then the guy should go back to the stage or his buddies, or maybe get some dances from somebody else. Or more dances with Tatiana a little later. It's not a dating club for single people it is a strip club after all!
Tatiana would think that people are there to look at all the girls unless they have a certain favorite, which is fine too. Some girls just get so territorial and act like they are sitting with their damned husband or something. But if you are not that cute then maybe latching on to somebody is the only way you can make money.
About 30 minutes later manager/ladyboss told Tatiana that the guy at the bar really wanted to talk to Tatiana but he was intimidated because he though that she was so pretty.
"Well, it's time that he grows some balls, he looks old enough" said Tatiana.

Tatiana is you say at the stage or on the stage? But you all get what Tatiana is saying, right?


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