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Canon G12

So, Tatiana took Chhaya to the beach for a long walk, as she had promised her, it was windy but refreshing.
Afterwards it was time to get some food, today a slice of pizza, an iced vanilla latte and a pastry.
In a bit Tatiana is going to color her hair, she has some GRAY hair, yes, you read it right, GRAY, not all over but it's there, in a few spots. She matches it to her exact hair color. Thank goodness for hair color in a tube! She read somewhere that a pill might come out that restores gray hair back to it's original color. Tatiana hopes that they put that pill on the market soon, coloring hair is just annoying. Tatiana tries to wait as long as possible between the colorings. Since Tatiana's hair is so light (brown) you can't really see the gray all the time but Tatiana is definitely not ready to be a full on gray head. Too vain.
Most girls do not admit to their gray hair, therefore Tatiana thought it was impressive that Jennifer Lopez recently gave an interview where she admits to having gray hair and coloring it since she was 24.
It is what it is, could be worse, Tatiana rather have gray hair than............some ugly body part or something.

Anyways, Tatiana wants a CANON G12 camera. She has been reading about it in some other people's blogs and it seems like a great camera, good for blog pictures with many cool features!
Tatiana NEEDS! YOU get?
: )


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