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Up early

Tatiana is already up and it's not even 9 am yet! For the last hour or so she has been tossing around, trying to fall back to sleep. Finally she decided to get up due to a growling stomach, made herself some oatmeal, two cheese sandwices and a mug of coffee. Then she crawled back in bed with the computer.
Chhaya is still sleeping and snoring like a little piggy, sprawled out longways in bed. Soemtimes Chhaya dreams and barks and whines in her sleep and kicks with her legs, hard. Tatiana suspects that Chhaya is having vivid dreams about rabbits and squirrels. Her favorite fellow animals to chase and get excited over.
Tatiana likes to wake up slowly, she stretches her legs and back in different directions. Her feet and calves are usually soooooo sore. Tatiana wishes that she had some kind of a machine that would squeeze and massage her legs, she would use it every morning for about an hour. That is exactly what she needs, a massage machine.
Tatiana has seen some kind of a leg squeezing devices in Japaneese fashion mags but she is not going to order one of those without trying it out first.
Does this mean that Tatiana needs to go to Japan now?
The plan for today is to take Chhaya to the beach. Later work. Work tomorrow and Saturday too. This beast needs to work!

Found leg massager online, anyone ever tried one of these? Looks nice.


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Ulliss on :

Hi beutiful. I am up early today aswell. It is not eaven 5 à clock here yet but i cant go back to sleep. Thank god for your blog so i have something interesting to read!

Tatiana on :

Wow, you are up early! Can't sleep or?
I bet it is really nice in Stockholm right now......
"Saknar Sverige"
: )

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