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Another case of a sub human

Tatiana does not have children. No biological clock ticking here. She does not foresee having any children in the future, but never say never.....
She believes that you can do other things with your life beside parenting and still be happy and full filled. But she totally understands that people who are parents love their children and are proud to be parents. At least that's the way it should be.
Unfortunately, there seem to be many individuals that have absolutely no business taking on this role. Tatiana has said it before. Squeezing out a child should be a privilege, not a right. Too many bad "parents" out there. Tatiana can't stand people that hurt innocent children and animals. Disgusting!
It is obvious that some people just don't have what it takes to take care of a child. Also, if you can't afford to feed yourself, don't think that you will somehow miraculously be able to feed a child. That breast milk only lasts so long honey.
And since the planet is rapidly approaching overpopulation, Tatiana also believes in population control. Maybe harsh but one day when we can't sustain our lifestyles anymore we will wake up to a brutal reality. Tatiana does not think that anyone needs more than max two children, if you really need another screaming bundle of joy, the adopt one for crying out loud!
Here is an example of a piece of trash that thought she should be a "Mom". Tatiana is not sure what the appropriate punishment should be? This sub human should also have go to the bathroom in a bucket with kitty litter for the rest of her life, while in jail, where she should be tortured on a regular basis.
Tatiana would throw poop on this sorry excuse for a woman.

"An Anchorage mom has been arrested for subjecting her six adopted children to years of emotional and physical abuse, according to Anchorage police.

Following an eight-month investigation, 50-year-old Anya James now faces criminal offenses for the gross mistreatment of her children. James was arrested Tuesday and is charged with ten counts of kidnapping and six counts of first-degree assault.

The investigation further revealed that due to malnourishment, James's adopted children endured stunted growth, which prevented some of them from going through puberty during their teenage years.

According to police, the children were confined to small rooms with alarms rigged up to the doors and windows to alert James if the children tried to escape. The mother also used audio and video monitors to oversee the children's activity and conversations.

Despite three functioning bathrooms inside the home, the children were forced to use a bucket filled with kitty litter instead of a toilet placed inside the small rooms.

Between 2000 and 2010, James fostered and adopted six children and collected more than $750,000 in adoption subsidies from the State of Alaska."

Tatiana doesn't get it. Didn't these kids go to school? Nobody checked up on them ever or noticed that they were malnourished? $ 750 000 in adoption subsidies? No wonder worthless losers adopt, it's not an act of love and kindness, it's a paycheck for some.

That's all for now. Tatiana is going to get dressed and go outside.


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