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Tatiana has been writing this blog for........ummmmmm........since 2006. That's quite a while now.
She knows she has readers, some of her personal friends read it. Twice some total strangers that Tatiana never seen before came up to her to say that they read her blog......they recognized Tatiana! That must mean that Tatiana at least looks somewhat similar in reality that she does on the pics she puts up. ;-)
And other people read it too, people that Tatiana personally told about the blog and others that heard about it from others.
Like at the water cooler at work. LOL.
Not too many take their time to leave comments though, but that's ok. Tatiana reads other peoples blogs too and she does not comment on some at all and on others she leaves comments. Personally Tatiana likes the comments, it means that somebody took that little extra time out to write something. Even if it's something that's not nice, maybe. It doesn't matter, people have different opinions and lifestyles and can not always agree with Tatiana. Though you all should know by now, Tatiana is always right! Always......!
As far as compliments, Tatiana never fishes for them. If you have something nice to say, thank you, it is appreciated. If you don't like the way Tatiana looks, that's ok too. Tatiana would probably not think you are too hot yourself, unless you are Kate Moss or Chester Bennington.........or some other sexy creature.
Tatiana loves reading and writing, she has since she was about 6 years young.
Tatiana did mention some blogs she reads a while ago. But in case you missed that, here they are again and a little of what Tatiana thinks about them. Maybe you can read them too?
In no particular order.
This is Tatiana's friend and Tatiana thinks it's interesting to see what Ulliss does and thinks. Ulliss lives in Stockholm, that's in Sweden. Pretty girl too!
Tatiana really likes this girl, Foki. She is Thai but lived in Sweden but is back in Thailand. She is super pretty, really KAWII. And she seems to have a good head on her shoulders, though only 20 years young. Great pictures of Foki, she is adorable, a doll. Tatiana LOVES her style and the way she dresses. And there are other interesting pics too.
This girl is.........Tatiana is not sure what to say, slightly delusional? Only 20, lives in Stockholm. Drinks too much. Eats too little. Has huge boobs, already two boob jobs, other plastic surgery too. Thinks she could make it in LA, though most likely not (maybe porn) if all she has got is those boobs. She does not know that her look is already passe for the most part over here. But it's still entertaining reading. You kind of learn to like her, she grows on you. Lot's of boob pics and pics of her blonde hair extensions.
Another young girl in Stockholm. Very pretty. But seems too self absorbed. It's all about her and what she wears that day or lots of pics of her and her beauty.
Stockholm again. Tatiana's friend Rose-Marie told her about this blog. Katrin is older, a Mom. So it's a lot about the baby, fights with neighbors over where she puts the baby's stroller. Katrin brags abut money, Tatiana thinks that's lame. But it's still fun to read her blog. Lot's of baby pics and pics of Katrin working out, she lost all her baby weight and she does not like fat people, she thinks they are gross.
Tatiana met Wonderhussy personally. In Vegas. Wonderhussy left comments on Tatiana's blog, that's nice.
You should check out this blog because it's very entertaining, well written and there are also some fun, interesting and naked pics that you can admire of Wonderhussy.
Tatiana especially likes "My plan is to wear that fucked-up ensemble to Wet Republic this summer, and freak out all the ‘roided out douchebags and plastic Vegas bimbos in their barely-there Ed Hardy bikinis. Fuck ‘em all, I say!"
LOL, because if you have ever been to a pool party in Vegas, that is what it looks like, awful Ed Hardy bikinis all over. BARF.
You can also find a guide to Las Vegas here.
She is an escort in Vegas. She writes well but a little dull. She puts up pics of various body parts in lingerie but never of her face. Brothel reviews and info for those who are interested. It's an interesting glimpse into an escorts life.
Tatiana did notice one thing about this girl though. Tatiana left her a comment, twice. And she never approved Tatiana's comments. Tatiana wrote nice, positive things but she also included her blog, there is a space for your own site/blog where you leave a comment. And then other readers can see that and maybe look at Tatiana's blog. And that's probably why this escort girl opted NOT to approve Tatiana's comments. She does not want to share the "attention". That's the only reason that Tatiana can think of.
Cause other people comment on there, mostly guys, that express their admiration for the escort girl.
Tatiana thinks it's really lame that girls do that. They don't want to SHARE the spotlight, well in this case the 60 watt light bulb, it's not like we are that famous or anything, to be realistic. It's not like Tatiana is trying to steal any potential clients from this girl, Tatiana does not do any entertaining outside of the club, ever, or that type of entertaining........Also, Tatiana writes about so many other things beside work. Work is not everything that Tatiana is.

Tatiana loves when she works with pretty girls, the prettier the better, more money overall and also, Tatiana can rest her eyes on something nice.
Sharing is good! Helping others is good. Being stingy like that is just lame.

Writing blogs is FUN!


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Josh on :

Been a fan of blog since last summer, came across is by accident. Sadly no chance to see you in Soldotna as leaving for Kodiak for month on TV shoot.

Tatiana on :

I have been to Kodiak, I liked it there.
TV shoot? Sound fun!
Thank you for being a fan of the blog!
Take good care!

Josh on :

Yeah TV pilot following Coast Guard in private and professional lives.

And look forward to your posts.

Tatiana on :

Cool, let me know if the pilot gets picked up!

Anonymous on :

Thank you for mentioning My blog here. It is realy interisting to here whar you think about other blogs. I accually read the same swedish blogs as you do:) / ulliss

Tatiana on :

You do? Any other interesting blogs you read besides the ones we both read?
What do you think of them?

Pernilla on :

Vilken härlig blogg! Bamsekram till dej!

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