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My best friend and baby

Chhaya is the best, Tatiana needs to brag about her some more.
This dog is so willing to try anything, she is brave and curious. Always happy and playful.
Tatiana wakes up every morning with Chhaya cuddled up next to her. Yes, Chhaya sleeps in Tatiana's bed, Chhaya is family.
Chhaya protects Tatiana by killing mosquitoes that get too close to Tatiana. All Tatiana says is "get the skeets", that's the word for mosquitoes and Chhaya jumps after them and catches them in her mouth. My baby!
Just love her soooooo much!


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Angeliczka on :

Ohhhhh jeyku, yeyku!!!!

Angeliczka on :

I did need this blog, I like verrrrrrry much!!! dzenkuie

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