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Here is a pic from Tatiana a few weeks ago when she went out one night..........She actually decided to have a drink, hallelujah! For some reason, she had Jägermeister on her mind, and ordered it "with ice". "On the rocks" the bartender replied. "Sure" Tatiana said. The Jäger tasted like weird medication after three sips. Bleh.
Yeah, Tatiana is not much of a drinker. Just not her cup of tea.
One of the things that highly irritate her is when people at work try to force drinks on her. HELLO......! Are you dumb? Tatiana does not want to drink, if she wanted to she would be perfectly capable of accepting the damned drink or getting one herself. Some of her favorite arguments coming from guys that have a very hard time getting it into their thick skulls that Tatiana does not want a drink are, "Well, if you don't drink then you are no fun".
Yeah, hi you rapist, Tatiana sees what you have to do to get somewhere with a girl. But NOT this girl, Tatiana is in charge. Now get away from Tatiana please, watch her as she leaves.
Or, "What do you do for fun then if you don't drink"? Like fun only equals drinking..........FUN life YOU must have!
Really intoxicated people at work are usually annoying. And Tatiana has definitely seen her share of drunk, sloppy, extremely annoying girls at work. Not hot. Embarrassing.
Yes, yes sure Tatiana has been drunk.
She remembers when she tried alcohol at 13, thinking she was super cool, drinking with her friend Pernilla, before going out. They mixed wine, liquor and whatever else they could find into a bottle, it was absolutely disgusting. But Tatiana forced herself to some mouthfuls, cause she wanted to get drunk, even if it was gross. It was partyyyyyyy time!
Another time while visiting Poland, Tatiana and her friend Jenny visited a restaurant, they ordered a few rum and cokes each. And some admirers from a nearby table sent over a bottle of champagne. The room was spinning when Tatiana finally got up from that table. The admirers were probably hoping to get to know Tatiana and Jenny that night. But Tatiana barfed right outside the restaurant, sat down on some stairs and toppled over. How she got herself and Jenny in a cab and managed to get home she does not know. But she remembers screaming the address to the cab driver at the top of her lungs. Very lady like.
And another time, and the only time, that Tatiana left work due to being tipsy was when an apple Martini just sounded like a great and yummy idea. Halfway into her second apple Martini Tatiana was way tipsy and did not want to talk to strangers. Instead she made out with her friend Shelley, much to the audiences approval. This was at the Crazy Horse Too in Vegas btw. Tatiana and Shelley decided to leave and went to the Peppermill instead and Tatiana had her third apple Martini. And that's all it took, she got sick in the bathroom at the Peppermill. Shelley drove home, Tatiana remembers that drive, it felt unreal, like a go cart ride, how Shelley got us home is still a mystery to Tatiana.
When Tatiana used to go to BZ in Stockholm, a club, with her friend Marie, she sometimes ordered one, maybe two Martini Coolers. Those were so yummy, that's Martini Bianco with Sprite over ice.
So yes, Tatiana has been drunk but it's been some time now, she can sip on a drink occasionally but the chances of her being drunk at some club or at work are basically nil. And she feels the effects of the alcohol really fast, it only takes a few sips. Tatiana prefers being sober anyway. She is just as happy, outgoing and fun sober as she is tipsy.
Tatiana started going out on a regular basis in 7th grade. She would be out almost every Friday and Saturday. She felt like she would miss out on something very important if she didn't show up at the club.
It started with a place called BG, then once in a while there would be a disco at TC, and once in a while she would take a party bus to some huge clubs out in the forest with thousand of kids having fun.
Then at 15, it was the 18 and over clubs that were interesting, the ones in Stockholm. Tatiana remembers when her and Marie made it into Cafe Opera at the tender age of 16, that was something. How did we get in? We were just too cute!
But drinking was never that much fun after all. Tatiana fell in love with music and dancing and she was boy crazy in her teens too. And she carefully planned her outfits.
Then she discovered house music and raves or clubs that cater to that music. And boys became crazy over her. LOL.

Rose-Marie......Tatiana is wearing the pink feather earrings that you sent her on the pic, she loves them, you always send the best earrings!


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Marie on :

BZ det va tider det;) Det är ansträngande för mig att läsa så mycket engelska, nästa gång kopiera det som handlar om mig;))) Love you ♥

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