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That the way......back in business.
That's right, Tatiana is back in business and it feels great. You can only sit around the house and "do nothing" for so long. Not that Tatiana just sits around and stares at the tv, though she does that too. There's sleep, Chhaya, cleaning, organizing, laundry, plucking eyebrows, chasing ingrown hairs, eating pastries, obsessing over eyelash know, STUFF.
But now it's time to throw some work into the mix. Work is good.
Last night somebody asked Tatiana "What are you doing here, you should be in Playboy". Tatiana answered "I don't want to have sex with Hugh Hefner".
She also heard "you long legged BEAST". That was a first and Tatiana started laughing, fun stuff.
Playboy is for girls around 20, pretty girls, that have to understand that being a Playmate also includes extra work at the Playboy Mansion, and that can mean lot's of different things. Or for a celebrity of some sort, that is willing to be in Playboy for various reasons to get some publicity. Usually not an A-lister, but sometimes.
Tatiana loves Playboy, the pictures are usually very nice and flattering. Nothing wrong with appearing in Playboy.
Actually, a long time ago, Tatiana was "Sexy Girl Next Door" Playboy online, for a whole week! And the week after, her friend Shelley held the title.
WOOOHOOOO!!!!! Bragging rights! LOL.


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Josh on :

Woah wait, BtB! Where at if I might be so bold?

Tatiana on :

Good Time Charlies in Soldotna right now.

: )

Angeliczka on :

I need u 2 do my laundry baby!!!! juicy girl!!

Tatiana on :

LOL @ Angeliczka.
This is how Tatiana washes up the outfit she wore at work that night.........for all you curious pervs......
: )
After work while enjoying a long, hot shower, Tatiana sometimes washes her outfit. It's at the most two or three pieces, bottoms (usually Honey Dew undies), sometimes a very small g string and either a bra or triangle bikini top. She washes
this with her shower cream, wrings the items and hangs them up in the shower to dry. When she gets up, usually 8 - 9 hours later - dry and fresh.

BTW, Angelica is personal frinds with a Playboy Playmate, Nicole Narain, therefore Tatiana has some info about stuff that goes on at The Mansion. Nicole is very, very pretty btw.

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