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Rice water and Latisse

The other day Tatiana read somewhere that rice water is good for hair. Really, she thought. Interesting. And decided to try it.
So tonight after the shampoo, she poured two large mugs of rice water she had prepared by cooking some rice earlier, into her hair, put it up and sat with the rice water in her hair for about 30 minutes before rinsing it out. Meanwhile she also slathered on some of that clay mask on her face, the Aveda one.
Tatiana has also been putting on Latisse on her lashes for about a week now, mind as well use it up, since she got the Latisse......back in October.
So the rice water supposedly makes the hair really soft. Tatiana is going to see if this works. And if it does, she is going to repeat the process tomorrow.
The Latisse, after weeks of faithful application, supposedly makes the lashes longer, darker and thicker. Tatiana is already bored with the Latisse but she is going to use up the bottle, since it's miniscule anyways, but she does not think that she will invest in any more Latisse. Unless, of course, her lashes just become absolutely amazing or something. Then it might be worth the effort of putting on some weird chemical on your lash line every night.
Back in the day, in Sweden, Tatiana used to do all kinds of beauty rituals at home, tiredlessly. Steam baths for the face, infused with chamomile or other herbs. Masks for the face, at least twice a week. A favorite was beaten egg white. Now Tatiana slowed down on the rituals. Not as many as before. She has not done a face steam at home in forever but she should, that's really for cleaning the skin.........Tatiana got lazy!
Though she could easily go for a facial, pedicure and a massage about once a week. If somebody else performs the service on her.


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