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Those house wifes shows

Tatiana did not watch the "House Wives Of Orange County" and "House Wives of Atlanta" until she came back to Alaska recently. So she has been watching these shows once in a while for the last month now. Marveling at these aging bimbos and their antics.
Are these "ladies" serious? These shows are great examples of that money does NOT buy you class, obviously. Sure it's television and entertainment and probably lot's of it is exaggerated but some of it is not.
Do these ladies not know that bragging about your money and stuff is so noveau riche and sooooo tacky? Half of them don't have what they pretended to on the shows anyway, they have been evicted and their houses and nice cars taken away from them.
Anyone can buy stuff on credit, it's not fully yours until it's paid off anyway.
Like Tatiana, she used to have a condo in Vegas that went into foreclosure, due to her decision. Thank goodness for that. That was just the worst headache ever. Being a home owner sucks. It's totally overrated, a pain in the ass and Tatiana wishes that she never ventured down that road. At the time it seemed like a great idea, many people in Vegas made nice little profits on buying then selling their homes BUT then the real estate market crashed. Big time.
Tatiana decided to walk away from that condo and that was a GOOD idea. Looking back Tatiana made many uneducated decisions and trusted people that pretended to have her best interest at heart, when all they really wanted was to make some money for themselves. Like real estate agents and shady loan people.
Tatiana will forever be wary of real estate agents, especially sweaty, pig looking ones with cocaine habits. LOL.
But back to the house wives..........since Tatiana recovered well from this condo deal anyway in the end.......
Another thing.........obvious fake boobs paraded around in tank tops everywhere are so 90's, even if you live in sunny Orange County.
Take the double D's out already, especially if you are in your 40's (or an old looking 30 Something). It's just kind of sad looking. You can replace that large implant with a smaller size or cover up a little. If the implants have that hard, obvious implant look, they should always be covered up. Always. Because that is a bad boob job and it looks cheap and ugly. Boobs should look soft and inviting. There is nothing wrong with big boobs......but if they are always on display, unless you are working in a strip club, then there are issues going on, like low self esteem and that is so not sexy.
Another thing Tatiana noticed is that most of these ladies look at least 10 years older than they say they are. Even with all that botox. Like Kim on "House Wives of Atlanta". Born 78? Really? She looks like an older chunky transvestite. Claims to botox injections on a regular basis since she was 24. Wow. No signs of that at all.
Kim looks way older. Usually a bad wig will aid to that. Like a large, too blonde wig. Too much cakey make up and some overly tanned leather skin. Or some bad fillers in the face.
She should do some laser treatments instead of botox and that goes for many of these ladies.
Tatiana hopes that these shows act like an example of how NOT to be and look. Just another great example of that a little less goes a long way.

Here is a boob, a naturel........Tatiana has NO idea who this boob belongs to......
: )


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Kevin on :

Plastic looks best under a sweater and even better under a parka.

Tatiana on :

Tatiana agrees......most plastic do look better under a sweater, it's actually not too bad then. But to be fair, Tatiana has seen some very nicely done plastic......but those are a minority.

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