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Busy day

Facials are nice!

Tatiana had to get up early today, lots to do.
First taxes. Then she had an appointment for a facial, at Anastassia Spa and Salon in Anchorage.
This is the place Tatiana goes for facials up here and Anastassia is really good. But sometimes she cuts out certain aspects from the facial (weird). Tatiana has been going here since 2008 now, always the same facial, so she knows what to expect. So when the facial is shortened (in time) or does not include whatever it did most of the other times, Tatiana notices. Anastassia seems a little moody sometimes, but she is THAT good at what she does, despite the at times moodiness, after all Tatiana is not there to socialize......and despite the changes to the routine, that if anything is the most important part. You don't want to pay $ 145 for a service and feel like you are not getting what you are supposed to. But Tatiana is still loyal to Anastassia and recommends her services to everyone. Yes, she is THAT good!

After that Tatiana had an appointment for a pedicure, an appointment she made like three weeks ago. Well, the people at the pedicure place were confused, they were not expecting Tatiana and yes, they could offer her a pedicure but not with the person that Tatiana only wants to give her a pedicure at that place. And the person she requested when she called. Tatiana has been going here since 2009 but this time around, she declined the services due to their mistake and she will not return to this place. There are plenty of places to get a pedicure at and this was maybe a sign that it is time to try a new place.

Then some boring errands like banking and post office.

After that Tatiana rushed to meet up with her friend Kennedy that she has not seen since July of last year. Savannah was invited too but couldn't make it.
They decided to dine at a place called Ginger and it was really yummy and the waiter was really good. It was non stop conversation for about 2 1/2 hours, lots of catching up to do. Kennedy is well on her way to become a pilot, Tatiana thinks that is really great.

Basically, that was Tatiana's day today, now she is going to read a little, turn off the light and go to sleep........


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