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Tatiana loves products!!!

Hair products.....all kinds of products........ She can't get enough of them. The problem is that she sometimes collects a bunch of products and then ends up not using some of them. They just collect dust in the bathroom and go to waste. And some of these creams and gels don't come cheap. So Tatiana decided that she is not getting any new shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, face creams, face masks, face serums etc etc until she uses up what she already has in her collection.
For example, back in October Tatiana got Latisse but she has not tried it yet. And what girl does not want longer lashes?
: )

Tatiana just got this perfume by DIOR, Miss Dior Cherie. Not as good as Viva La Juicy and Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal, Tatiana's faves. She loves those perfumes!!!!
Also, Creme de la Mer, considered "a legendary creme that has inspired a cult following".
Then this deep conditioning hair treatment by Kerastase, Tatiana is excited to try it out. She has used Kerastase shampoo before but never a deep conditioner.
Also two serums for the face. Tatiana will fist use up the Intelligent Nutrients Serum before she tries the Origins "Plantscription". First time for both, so far Tatiana really likes the serum by Intelligent Nutrients, it smells very fresh and it's organic. Both products are anti aging. Tatiana likes to be nice to her skin.
Fun stuff!
Tatiana's latest nail polish is OPI's "Panda-Monium Pink". Really pretty on.
And on top of the Creme de la Mer, is a small bottle of Biosilk, Tatiana really like this product. It's silky serum drops for the hair, makes your hair silky, shiny and very yummy smelling.

And then this, good old trusted NIVEA creme. Tatiana's Mom and Auntie use it, Angelica uses it, probably many Polish people use it, it's like a tradition or something. Tatiana uses it at night, she slathers it on her face and her hands and feet. She loves this creme!


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