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While in Vegas, Tatiana got some more MAC products.
She has been wearing a purple eye shadow form MAC at work for like the last year or so, lol, and she though it was time for some new colors.
Tatiana only uses the eye shadows, lipsticks and lipglosses from MAC. Her loose powder is from Clinique, though she is open to trying different brands, before Clinique she used Laura Mercier. Tatiana does not use foundation at all, she just thinks it's too much, takes too long to apply.
So, the usual make up routine, for work or for going OUT (like to a club/rave) or a photo shoot (though some photo shoots have involved foundation and heavier make up, like brow pencils and blush that Tatiana never uses otherwise) consists of a concealer on areas in need, eye shadow/s, fake eye lashes, mascara, lipstick and lipgloss.
TA DA! Ready!

In the picture you can see a large MAC brush for applying powder. MAC eye shadows left to right, Soba, Tempting, Beautiful Iris, Vanilla, Nylon and Vapour.
The MAC lipgloss Tatiana is currently using is Dazzleglass "Steppin' Out" as seen in picture. She also likes the clear lipgloss called "Lipglass" from MAC.
Her latest lipstick from MAC is this one, "Angel" though she has about four more that she rotates.

MAC ad with Lady Gaga


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