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New shoes

Next time Tatiana is invited to meet somebody's Grandma for the first time, she is going to wear her new 7' platforms with these pretty rhinestones.
You probably wish you had a pair too. Pretty huh?
How do girls walk in these? Talent. Though some girls wear them for years and still don't know how to walk good, they either shuffle around like an elderly person with a walker or just stagger awkwardly.
Tatiana? Fierce baby, fierce.


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Anonymous on :

Perfect kind of shoes for a girl that wants hang with Charlie, Im sure he will love'em, and you'll fit right in!

Tatiana on :

Oh Thanks, Tatiana takes that as a compliment.
: )
Charlie is cool, so don't be jealous.
Thoughts on Charlie......
Funny how people make such a big deal out of Charlies goddesses but nobody talks about the girls that live with Hugh Hefner.
At least Charlie still looks good, what is he 45? He is not bad looking at all, and he is funny!
Hugh is in his 80's and sleeping with girls 60 years younger than him, but you don't hear too much about that. How old was Kendra when she moved into the Mansion? 18? 19?

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