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Seriously......cellulite, so many girls/women have them. Majority actually.
Tatiana has never pretended she didn't. Oh yes, she has them, upper legs mostly. None on arms, or stomach.
Sometimes less, sometimes more, it depends on her weight and exercise habits she noticed.
When she lived in Sweden she didn't have any cellulite, but she was also skinnier than now. And younger. Didn't ever think of weight and cellulite. She ate mostly at home, Mom's cooking and did lots of walking every day. Constant weekend clubbing helped too.
Then when she moved to California she gained weight rapidly, lots. It was awful. The reason was a diet of fast food and no physical exercise. Sat around in an office and discovered Taco Bell, that will do it!
But pretty much all of the weight went away over time. Tatiana fluctuates a few lbs, like four maybe. And when she is on the heavier side of the four lbs, she thinks she looks fat and the cellulite is more noticeable. And at the low end of the four lbs she feels that she looks better.
But you all know, Tatiana loves food and does not diet. She just can't, she is a foodie.
And most girls also don't dance naked or almost naked on a stage. Can't hide the cellulite then. It is what it is. The lights on the stage can actually make it look worse than it is. Hello dj's! : )
If you are pale and get blasted with some unflattering white or yellow lights, it looks like you have more cellulite than you do. A warm red light with some blacklight in there is the best.
YOU get naked and go on stage with some harsh spotlight blasting you and Tatiana will point out your cellulite to you if you want.
So if you really look, you can see them. But Tatiana has seen worse than hers, way worse. He he he, evil laugh.........!
But she doesn't feel bad, most girls have this "problem". Sooner or later they will get cellulite, unless they spend their time drinking tons of water, dieting and dry skin brushing. Then there are some that just don't get cellulite.
Tatiana is writing about this due to some recent articles she has seen about cellulite, where they point out and circle certain people's cellulite. Whatever.
Anyone can have an unflattering photo taken. Britney has cellulite? Yes, AND? She is still SUPER HOT!
DA NANG from your favorite girl, Tatiana.

; )


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