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Julia visits Glitter Gulch....

On Thursday night Julia found herself at the Glitter Gulch.....for those of you who don't know, it's a strip club located on Freemont Street in the old downtown area of Vegas. Many years ago Julia used to work as a cocktail waitress there because they didn't require any experience and she wanted to someday work as a cocktail waitress at one of the bigger casinos on the strip.

Anyway, Julia and Tatiana had heard that the club had been completely remodeled and Julia was curious to check it out.

There is a twenty dollar cover charge and that includes two drinks of your choice.

The Glitter Gulch looked great on the inside!! Everything looked brand new and Julia was impressed, given how the club used to look.

The girls were average looking, nothing really worth commenting on....Julia refrained from getting any lap dances and instead got comfortable in one of the booths against the wall, drinking Red Bull and remembering the days when she used to carry a tray around the club - bringing people beer and other beverages......

Julia asked the DJ to play some White Stripes and was very happy when he actually played two of their songs.

Unlike some of the other Vegas strip clubs that remain open 24 hours, the Glitter Gulch closes down around 4am.

If you are checking out the sights down on Freemont Street, Julia suggests that you pay a visit to the new and improved Glitter Gulch!

(Written by Julia).


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