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Lost Keys

Last night the girls decided to venture out to Empire Ballroom after work to catch up with Tatiana's crush - dj Keoki.
They left Sapphire around 5 am. Tatiana got in her 4 Runner and waited for Julia that was picking up her VW Bug at the clubs valet. Tatiana waited and waited......then her phone rang and Julia sounded very frustrated as she explained that the valet people could not find her keys. No one knew where they were. Not a good situation since her house keys were on the same keyring.
The girls proceeded to go to Empire while Novak, Sapphires Serbian valet tried to find Julia's car keys.
Empire Ballroom was full of people in various stages of various intoxication. Keoki was spinning and looking very cute as always Tatiana thought and she kept repeating this information to Julia. When he was done with his set Tatiana chatted with him and his boyfriend and they agreed on hanging out soon. VERY NICE!
Julia ended up having to get her house door opened by a locksmith that Novak arranged for her. Her keys didn't get located until the next night at work when a fellow dancer brought them in, for some reason she found them in her car. Tatiana preached to Julia about not to valet park anymore. Tatiana does not valet park, she does not want people she doesn't know to drive her car. Julia said she feels bad because she likes Novak, Tatiana thinks he is nice too but it is still better to park yourself. She told Julia to give money to Novak occasionally when she feels bad for him.


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