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Fat Camp!!

You might not know this about Julia, but she has had a fascination with "fat camps" ever since seeing an episode of MTV True Life called "I'm going to fat camp."

The idea is that overweight people can go stay at a resort style retreat to get a "jump start" on their weight loss program.

A few years ago Julia decided that some day she would like to open up her own fat camp.

This being said, Julia randomly took a trip to Utah to escape the Vegas weather for a few days.

To her surprise, Utah was packed with such camps!! She took her dog Bugsy to go get a closer look at some camps.

They looked pretty boring and Julia quickly lost interest, but not before taking a tour and finding out what goes on behind closed doors.

Everyone is given access to an all-you-can-eat salad bar, but aside from that the calories are restricted based on a person's specific needs.

Water aerobics, group hikes through the red mountains, and weight training classes are offered.

Perhaps when Julia retires from dancing she will open up a fat camp with pole dancing classes!

(Written by Julia).


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Elaine on :

That's an interesting idea.
I can picture you having fun doing that, but I think in the long run it would drive you crazy.

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