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The first day of the New Year is almost over.....

Just a few minutes left......
New Years is kind of melancholic Tatiana feels. She has been feeling extra emotional today and no she does not have pms.
There's some kind of underlying pressure around New Years. Expectations. Promises. And then it's over, just like that. It goes SO quickly.
It's even more sad when you are at an awesome rave and it comes to an end, the last song is playing and then it's over. That is really awful. Tatiana has cried a little after a few raves because she was sad it was over so fast.
But Tatiana had a nice day. Since she didn't go to sleep until after 8 am this morning, she slept in until about 12 30 pm. Called her Mom to wish her Happy New Year and after that she called her friend Rose-Marie. Then she made some food. And then she took Chhaya out to Far Hills so Chhaya could run and have some fun. The pictures are from there, close to sunset the first day of the year.
So Tatiana saw the sunrise and the sunset today. That was nice. Kind of a tradition for her.
Then she did some shopping, got a chai and a red velvet cupcake. Went home, ate, read and did some organizing.
Now, the radio is on, Coast To Coast. Tatiana is getting tired, maybe one more phone call to Sweden and then some sweet sleep. Tatiana LOVES to sleep, isn't sleeping the best?
Well, hope you all had a great January 1 2011!

Vegas is the background


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Ulliss on :

I totally agree with you. It is easy to feel a bit sad on new year eve. I hope 2011 will be the best year so far!!! :-)

Tatiana on :

Thank you Ulliss, I wish the same for you too!

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